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Kris Lord Supercock
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Chase Hunter Super Cock
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Three of the hottest men on the planet: Alex Minsky, John Behlman...
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Clean-cut vs Ruggedly handsome - Which version of Quinn Christoph...
Too hot, hot, hot for his own good, Quinn Christopher Jaxon (AKA Kurt Madison) has become wildly famous over the last few years for several of his magnificent nude s... more
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CM Punk, John Behlmann, Alex Minsky & Tommy9X6 - sounds like a da...
If I were to run the all-male version of the Playboy Mansion the first people on the list I would call to be live-ins would be as follows: John Behlmann, CM Punk, Al... more
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Amateur XXX gallery for all ye lovers of the cock!
Selfie submissions - hard cocks and tight asses! Remember, you can always submit your own. Click contact and get in touch! more
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Amateur hour! Your cockshot selfies, bare ass and foreskin!
It is apparent males LOVE taking pictures of their cocks and showing any admiring audience! And we, of course, are happy about that! You will see a number of amateur... more
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Edward Snowden - Catcher or pitcher or both?! Would he be DTF?
Would Edward Snowden take it in the ass, or would he be the top man? Either way, it's about time Edward Snowden started sexting us! more
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Super-hot guys: Matthieu Charneau, Logan McCree, Edward Snowden, ...
All hot-ass guys! Confirmed... Each one of these guys have a special place in my bed... or imaginary bed! The newest discovery here is Muscle_God, a straight Pennsyl... more
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Random amateur XXX cock shots!
More amateur cock shots! Everyone loves them, but no one loves them more than us! Please submit yours at more
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Five more amazing pics of men & cocks we think you'll like!
There can never be too many cock shots or pics of our favorite male porn stars. We will do our best to not let any go to waste! As you may have noticed most... more
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Bulldog Pit: Rich Kelly and Jonny Kingdom 1/5
Rich Kelly is in his apartment waiting for his next boy to arrive. Pushing the door open, blond stud Jonny walks in and hands his new master his lead and drops to hi... more
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Hot adult entertainer plays piano with his long cock and balls!
Super-hot nude male entertainer playing a form of piano with long, limp cock and low-hanging balls! Wow! Hilarious! more
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