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Humongous Cocks #12
Humongous Cocks #12
Humongous Cocks #3
Humongous Cocks #3
Ron Jeremy Dong
Ron Jeremy Dong
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Gimme More - Pascal & Markie More 2/3
It was surreal, I found myself performing a muscle worship on Markie More! He grabbed me from behind, and pulled me against him as I was feeling his muscular body. I... more
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Male stripper Jonathan at Club Pantheon, Charleston, SC circa 200...
The following images are from an evening at Club Pantheon, Charleston, SC circa 2007. Full-frontal public nudity is not legal in SC (as far as I know) but luckily ma... more
Gimme More - Pascal & Markie More 1/3
Markie More's first strip performance ever gathered crowds at Montreal's Stock bar. I was in the front row to see my idol in person. During Markie's stri... more
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Gimme More - Pascal & Markie More 3/3
He didn't disappoint me. I still remember thinking: 'holy crap, that's a whole fucking lot of cum in my mouth!'. Eventually I woke up from my daydrea... more
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Oh, fuck yeah! It's Quinn Christopher Jaxon ... and, of cours...
This guy, Quinn Christopher Jaxon (AKA Kurt Madison), is just freakin' HOOOOOOT! He has been around for a while and there a gazillion pictures of him out there. ... more
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