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Eric Hanson Supercock
Eric Hanson Supercock
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Muscle Stud Jerk Off
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Out On The Orgy
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Three of the hottest men on the planet: Alex Minsky, John Behlman...
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Smokin'-hot actor John Behlmann + some random amateur XXX guy...
As promised, here is another installment of handsome, studly actor John Behlmann -- yes, the DQ guy -- plus, random amateur hot guys and boners deserving of a warm m... more
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MMA fighter Dakota Cochrane, CM Punk, gay porn star Chad Hunt & t...
Dakota Cochrane is known to many as a former reality star-turned MMA fighter. But Sean Cody porn fans know him better as 'Danny', the porn star. Dakota moved... more
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John Behlmann - That sexy stud from those silly DQ commercials
Every now and then you'll see a television commercial that just stops you in your tracks. The Dairy Queen commercials from a couple years back did just that! Not... more
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CM Punk, John Behlmann, Alex Minsky & Tommy9X6 - sounds like a da...
If I were to run the all-male version of the Playboy Mansion the first people on the list I would call to be live-ins would be as follows: John Behlmann, CM Punk, Al... more
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Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz, John Behlmann, Barrett Long, naked sold...
What is NOT to love about Barrett Long and his uncut fat cock!? I, for one, would drop to my knees in a fraction of a second for the opportunity to devour that cock! more
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