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Humongous Cocks #12
Humongous Cocks #12
Darkroom 4
Darkroom 4
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Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson
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Eric Hanson Supercock
Hi, Iím Eric Hanson, well technically, Iím the exact replica of Eric Hansonís cock. Standing flat on my suction-cup base, Iím a little over 7.5 inches tall with a circumference of 6.5 inches. Iím covered with raised veins to increase your stimulation during penetration and my sturdy suction-cup base... more
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Eric Hanson - From the archives, we bring back this hunky bisexua...
Thanks to Bad Puppy! Not only do they bring you the latest but they always bring you the greatest! And '90s gay porn icon Eric Hanson is among them. Eric may be ... more
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A '90s gay porn favorite - Meet the super-sexy bisexual Eric ...
Thank you, Bad Puppy, for bringing back this oldie but goodie set of '90s gay porn favorite, the super-sexy, tall, dark and handsome Eric Hanson. Before retiring... more
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