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Kris Evans Dildo
Kris Evans Dildo
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Jesse Santana Signature Cock
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Hugh Hunter
Hugh Hunter
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Inked Up
If you like your buckets of cum served with a big splash of ink, then you’ll go crazy for this collection of illustrated men who are showing us that tattoos are definitely a turn-on! With the likes of Logan McCree and his awesome full-body artwork, as well as tons of other tattooed hunks like Ivan R... more
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4" Glass Buttplug
He is a Heretic. He takes what he wants. He thumbs his nose at convention. He gives the finger to anyone who would tell him how to act. There are legions who would put their mouths, cocks, holes and bodies at his service in this steamy sex club. Director Bruno Bond has created a brooding, hedonistic... more
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Basic Plumbing
Two big-dicked men, Chase Hunter and "Long Dong" Sean Davis, star in this story about men who can plug any pipe, fill any hole and make any fountain spurt! Learn how to clean those pipes right with this hardcore man-action. Runtime (Stream, Download): 67 minutes more
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Crystal Noir - Tease Plug
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Chris Crocker's gay porn debut with Lucas Entertainment
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