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Best of Rocco Banks
Best of Rocco Banks
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If you love military men or men in uniform, join Niko, Andre, Stefano and Ryan as they team up in this hot new Active Duty movie. Watch and enjoy! more
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Active Duty: James Tops Shea [4/4]
When Shea sits atop James and goes for a ride, it's pretty amazing. Wait until the end of the scene, it's worth the ride. When all is said and done, the guys... more
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Active Duty: James Tops Shea [2/4]
Not much time is wasted before Shea drops to his knees and starts blowing James under the shower. James reacts strongly, vocally, as he tells Shea how much he likes ... more
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Active Duty: James Tops Shea [3/4]
The guys switch it up a little bit, and James moves over to the side of the tub. Shea is nice enough to show off his rear to James, who tells Shea he "can't ... more
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