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Sweet n' Hard #1
Sweet n' Hard #1
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Rafael in Paris
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The amazingly super-sexy WWE superstar CM Punk
In the world of professional wrestling CM Punk is a polarizing figure. He has some haters, yet an even larger fan-base that licks the ground he walks on. Regardless,... more
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Holy Moses! What could be hotter than CM Punk, dallas2289, latin ...
Gotta love, love, love CM Punk! And I can see why they call him the 'Best in the world!' Killer face, killer body and he can whoop some ass! Also here is Jam... more
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Big-dicked Jon, big-dicked Kurt Madison, super-hot CM Punk + more...
Jon was a regular at the apartment back in the day. He would hang out the majority of the week, but stayed the entire weekend. He is straight but definitely doesn... more
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Take your pick! Whole lot of cock here plus the always studly WWE...
In this installment of random hot guys and hot cocks, we bring you some glory hole action -- and of course, a favorite of ours, CM Punk! No, that is not him in the g... more
CM Punk the hottest wrestler ever? Have a look! 1/2
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Mixed bag o' hotties right here! CM Punk, Jared, James Franco...
Loving all of these shots... for different reasons, of course. CM Punk is a complete addiction around here and he is always a pleasure to look at! Then there is the ... more
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CM Punk, John Behlmann, Alex Minsky & Tommy9X6 - sounds like a da...
If I were to run the all-male version of the Playboy Mansion the first people on the list I would call to be live-ins would be as follows: John Behlmann, CM Punk, Al... more
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MMA fighter Dakota Cochrane, CM Punk, gay porn star Chad Hunt & t...
Dakota Cochrane is known to many as a former reality star-turned MMA fighter. But Sean Cody porn fans know him better as 'Danny', the porn star. Dakota moved... more
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A variety of male eye-candy: pornstar Johnny Castle, Landon Conra...
Sexy mothafuckas here! As always we have some of the hottest guys on the planet: MMA fighter CM Punk; pornstars Kevin Falk, Landon Conrad, Adam Ramzi, Shawn Wolfe, J... more
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Hot guys: CM Punk, amateur big cock, Landon Conrad, Deer Tick'...
John McCauley is super sexy in a rugged kind of way. He is no pretty boy but perfectly perfect... We just need to see some nudes of this stud. Plus check out that am... more
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