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Jimmy Durano FleshPhallix Superstar Cock
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Super-handsome Spence and Ryan Russell model Raw Studio's 2nd...
Shots from JSC's shoot with Spence & Ryan Russell modelling Raw Studio's S... more
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Blue Lives Matter - A tribute to the men in blue!
There is something hot about men in uniform. There is something even hotter about men OUT of uniform. But since we don't see too many officers running around nak... more
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Johnny Castle, Jake Riley, Corey and a whole lotta hot guys here!
Lots to look at here! Johnny Castle is predominantly a straight porn star but he has dabbled in the gay porn world as well (thankfully). We intend to feature more of... more
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All hot guys: Kevin Martin, Adam Bryant, Jake Riley, wrestlers bu...
All hot guys like the title says... If you have a weakness for rugged, amateur naked guys then you'll love these guys. Full disclosure: I am a HUGE fan of Jake R... more
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Randomness... Glee, public nudity, military hard cock, Kayden Gra...
Just a mix bag of some fun shots! A parody of the actors on GLEE having butt-sex just the way we fantasize! Also man out of uniform... This young ARMY buck has been ... more
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Super-sexy Spence & porn hunk Ryan Russell model Raw Studio's...
Because we love them so much, here are more shots from JSC's shoot with Spence & R... more
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Porn and sports! Logan McCree, Kevin Love, Kevin Martin, Paddy O&...
Sports and porn go together... they are both chock-full of hot guys and so is the police force (in some cases)! Here we bring you porn god Paddy O'Brian bound an... more
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What's hotter than a studly police office with a boner!
What is hotter than a hunky police office with a bulging crotch!? Nothing... But there is plenty of eye-candy in this installment of hot dudes, as you will see. Ther... more
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