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Active Duty: Andre's solo debut [set 2]
You saw Active Duty's new recruit Andre for the first time the other day when he deflowered Zane. Now, you can get to know him in his debut solo. Andre is 19 yea... more
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Active Duty: New recruit James Tops Niko [set 1]
Active Duty's new-to-them recruit James returns for a duo with Niko. Kaden is manning the camera and tells us that the guys just recently finished a three way wi... more
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Active Duty: James Tops Shea [4/4]
When Shea sits atop James and goes for a ride, it's pretty amazing. Wait until the end of the scene, it's worth the ride. When all is said and done, the guys... more
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Active Duty: Handsome bisexual Niko & his rock-hard cock
One of our favorite men from the Active Duty roster, Niko! We are pretty much in love with his muscular body, firm ass, and that grin is just a knock-out! Oh, and he... more
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Active Duty: Evan & Tim Bareback Flip-Flop [4/4]
Tim is the first to get plowed, as he takes Evan's long prick -- bareback -- like a champ, on his back. Evan jerks Tim's massive meat as he rams him, and ben... more
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After Hours, super-sexy porn studs Marco Rubi and Goran suck/fuck...
Lucas Entertainment is well known for bringing the hottest of the hottest male/male porn stars together. Here we have Goran & Marco Rubi -- both extremely handsome..... more
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Jimmy Johnson's Shower Jerk Off [2/3]
Jimmy Johnson is simply hot here on this shower scene. Take a look at this hunky guy getting horny while he goes for a shower and does a playful mood by roughly jerk... more
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Military XXX Threesome: James, Niko & Tito [4/4]
Niko keeps slamming into him until Tito can't take it any more and explodes high into the air and all over his chest with Niko still inside him. Niko keeps on go... more
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Recruit James Crosses The Line with Ripped Corey [3/4]
The pants come off as the gents get more comfortable. Corey is stiff as a board. so stiff that we can hear his pole go 'thunk' as it slaps against his stomac... more
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Crossin' The Line: Jake & Jaime First Suck [3/4]
Dink gets Jake downstairs in the bedroom with Jamie (he's clearly taken by surprise) and tells him what he's decided. Dink starts joking about someone crossi... more
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Active Duty new recruit Bill in his debut solo jerk-off scene
"You really look nervous, Bill," Active Duty's guest director Mike says, chuckling, as our new find, Bill, appears before the camera. Bill laughs a littl... more
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Active Duty - Tatted Tim sucks and fucks muscular newbie Cody
Active Duty's guest director Mike says Cody has done a solo and some oral work, but this is his first time doing anything hard core in front of the camera. And, ... more
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