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Ride it Wet!
Ride it Wet!
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Titan Men Cumshots 2
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Tools Of The Trade
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Dick Disco Retired
Dick Disco
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Date of birth:------0000
Height:-' --"
Weight:--- lbs
I'd describe myself as:
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Many fans love Dick Disco for his fetish look and style but there is more to Dick Disco than skin tight leather and rubber. Described online as "one of the hungriest pigs you will ever meet" and whose goal is to "meet other like minded pigs for like minded fun"; this couldn't actually be further from the truth. Dick Disco real name Aaron Whyte is more into nights in at home on the sofa with a good movie eating junk food or early nights with his pet cats and dogs for company than in a dungeon whipping slaves into submission (however this is still some thing he does enjoy immensely)... Dick Disco is a well educated guy to university level and has three degrees, one in computer programming, business and economics and one in building surveying. He is also a fully qualified yoga instructor. Although Dick Disco says he doesn't use gyms he does fence as a sport and enjoys swimming for pleasure but confesses to not going as often as he should do. He also enjoys watching Rugby, Polo, horse racing (but never bets) and hates tennis and football. To relax Dick Disco enjoys massages and holistic therapy treatments as a way to unwind he normally has between 2 and 4 of these a week and thanks them for keeping him relaxed and stress free.
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On his Twitter page, Dick Disco writes: I once took my clothes off and made a few people very happy and a lot of people very mad. I'm now an ex-party boy who's trying to keep clean.
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