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Kings of New York - Season #1
Kings of New York - Season #1
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Vac-U-Lock Stryker Realistic
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Eddie Stone FleshPhallix Superstar Cock
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Stany Falcone Active
Stany Falcone
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Occupation: • Actor
• Model
• Masseur
• Clothier
Date of birth:10-08-1984
Height:-' --"
Weight:--- lbs
I'd describe myself as:
Bio +

Born under the name Jonathan De Falco 8 October 1984 in Brussels (Belgium) to a Belgian mother and an Italian father, Jonathan grew up in the region of Tubize where he took his first steps as a footballer to 8 years in the club AFC TUBIZE.

At age 11 he was transferred to a club from the capital (the RWDM), where he trained as a young footballer at the same time as being a hotelier school in Tubize.

At 18 years he leaves school with his diploma of hotelier and signed his first contract for a footballer with FC Brussels.

At 19 the club Oud Heverlee Leuven (then D3) transfers Jonathan, he played 25 official matches and actively contributes to the rise of the club On the OHL Belgian D2. His contract was extended for two more seasons.

Jonathan played 86 games for the OHL club before leaving to KMSKDeinze (occurring both in club Belgian D2). He signed a 2-year contract and played 54 games for KMSK Deinze.

Jonathan finished his career at RC Mechelen by signing a contract for a season that will break the 31/12/2010.

Following his football career, Jonathan embarks on the go-go dancing in night clubs and porn under the name of Stany Falcone.

Productions released its first DVD Crunchboy "Paris sex tour of Stany Falcone". Successful since won the Award for "Best NewComer 2011 EU". And win the award "best actor 2012" Pinkx TV award.

Stany Falcone is currently shooting for U.S. production "TitanMen" and toured Europe for productions Uk Naked Men, Kristen Bjorn, Hard Brit Lads and Cazzo.
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