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The Best Of Adam Kiilian
The Best Of Adam Kiilian
The Best Of Adam Kiilian
The Best Of Adam Kiilian
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Tod Parker Dildo
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Jake Orion
Jake Orion
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Occupation: • Model
• Cam model

Location:South Florida
Date of birth:09-09-----
Height:-' --"
Weight:154 lbs
Dick:9"", Cut
I'd describe myself as:
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Randy Blue: Jake Orion is just your typical big dicked Jewish bisexual twink stud with a love of eating his own cum. You know, you run into this kind of guy every day. You will first be brought in by his gorgeous blue eyes. And then you will be trapped by his tight body and rock hard abs, and then you will be on your knees for his rock hard dick. This cock is a monster. It is not just thick, it is fucking long too. He loves feeling a finger up his hole and when he shoots his load, he loves aiming it so that every last drop goes into his mouth. Wow. This is one hot nude man you will not be able to get enough of.
Random facts:
From Jake Orion's Flirt4Free profile: Likes: I like a man who is willing to take my big dick straight up their ass and let me cum all inside of them. I want a man who is willing and wants to be punished by me. I love smacking and dirty talking when fucking my guy. I like being on top most of the time, but willing to take it in the ass for the right guy. I love getting my asshole licked and also giving others rim jobs. Also love 69

Fantasy: I want to ram the tightest asshole I can find. I don't like being told to go soft. it's all about going HARD in the paint. Condom? What Condom, fuck condoms. I want to feel your insides grabbing my dick. Who wants shitty plastic around their dick? I love also to gape assholes when I pull out my dick and see that nice dark hole, omg so sexy. When I am very horny I also love taking it the ass. Weather it be a dildo or a nice big dick.

My Obsessions & Desires:I love masturbating with my left hand all the time. Even tho my dick no hands to the left because of it. I don't master-bate like most, I change it up because it feels 10x better. I love using lube, because without it my dick would probably be swollen. My privates are awesome and I love cumming in my mouth weather it be 1, 2, 3 or maybe even four shots.

Fetishes: Anal, Armpit, Ass to Mouth, Cock Teasing, Double Penetration, Nipple Biting, Rimming, Teasing, Tickling, Wrestling
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