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A Monster Inside Me #3
A Monster Inside Me #3
Darkroom 4
Darkroom 4
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Jason Stormme
Jason Stormme
© Jason Stormme
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Occupation: • Producer/Director for Raw and Rough in UK/Europe
• Porn performer for TIM, Raw and Rough, All Real Bareback, Pig Prod and more

Location:London, England - Europe
Date of birth:07-11-1983
Height:5' 10"
Weight:155 lbs
Eyes:Hazel/Green depending on my mood… they change.
Hair:Brown, usually a mohawk
Dick:Lovely. 7 1/2 real inches, though I always call it "a gay 8" :-)", Uncut
Orientation:Upside Down. Oh, sorry. Gay.
Position:Vers/Bottom Vers/Top… depending who I'm with
Tattoos:A couple - one on my arm which apparently reads 'Arse' if you squint, and my chest tattoo
Music:Eclectic… a lot of very different things on my iTunes.
Drink:Not a lot - especially not tequila!
I'd describe myself as: probably not what you'd expect from my photos… that's the comment I get a lot. I’m a very down to earth and unassuming kinda guy really. Good sense of humour…
Bio +
Random facts:
I appreciate each and every one of you - thank you for liking me and what I do, it makes me really happy to know you're there x

From Facebook: "I am very happy to announce that I will be the new UK and European producer/director for Raw and Rough - the video-on-demand steaming site from Dick Wadd Media." - Jason Stormme, July 13, 2015
Random facts
» I'm an incredibly fast swimmer under water…
Jason Stormme
» I like to sing in foreign languages
Jason Stormme
» I used to have a pet snake but I absolutely hate spiders
Jason Stormme
» I don't get fisted, although everyone assumes I do for some reason…
Jason Stormme
» I'm very good at doing different accents… scarily so!
Jason Stormme
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