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Humongous Cocks #9
Humongous Cocks #9
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Bam Huge Realistic Cock
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Michael Phoenix
AKA: Spooky  Michael Phoenixxx  Michael Fucking Phoenixxx    
Michael Phoenix
© Michael Phoenix
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Occupation: • Actor
• Model
• Arist
• Performance artist
• Musician
Location:Chicago, IL
Date of birth:XX-XX-XXXX
Body:Slender, toned
Height:6' "
Weight:150 lbs lbs
Eyes:Lunatic hazel
Dick:8.75" 9" x 5.5" (but whose counting!?)", cut
Position:Versatile/Top - you wont see me getting fucked very often
Music:I am a musician and write my own music to typically be performed with other performance artists or drag queens.
I'd describe myself as:
Bio +
I grew up in a small, west suburb of Chicago called Lombard. It was super quiet and conservative. From the moment I was born, I rebelled against the pure image that society told me to follow. I pierced my face with ordered surplus and rocked a new sculpturistic hairstyle every week in high school. I was in a metal band as the lead singer and always loved to be the center of attention, with my voice and visions.

I began college at Columbia in 2009 and worked at a restaurant in Boystown called Clarke's, while attending college for the first few years of school. I met many gays and became hyper sexual (even more deviant) and began to crave this culture of leather, free love and polygamous affairs. I transitioned into go-go dancing down the street from Clarke's where I had many new experiences.

Around memorial day of 2011, the legend Damon Dog himself came in and saw me stripping and recruited me for my first porn "Deep Dish" for Factory Videos. Oddly, many of my close friends were cast in the video as well. I started to see how incestuous this world was and within the gay culture, the degrees of separation were less than one. The video went up and advertised me on sidebars standing in a jock on Wacker Drive titled "Not your average porn star." I had made my appearance as Spooky. Many of the dads in my fetish family still call me this.

I soon began to integrate myself into this world more by the day. I pierced at MIR 16. I photographed other porn stars. I began making homemade porn on vine and then started networking. I attended IML and Folsom Street Fair where one of my close friends helped me establish a connection with Fabscout Entertainment. I worked for them up until April of 2014 when I realized I could help myself better than larger agencies could, who prioritize the mainstream look. However, I credit them for assisting me on my second big scene with Raging Stallion, in Tony Buff's "Twinks With Kinks," where I made my first appearance as Michael Phoenix.
Random facts:
Michael's fetishes include: Water sports, bukake, cum, bondage, anon, masked, muscle, bears, hairy, orgy, group, gang bang, oral, tattoos, nipple play, paddling, rimming, kissing, pits, public
Michael's hobbies include: Music, Art, Photography, Costume Design, Makeup, Installation, Performance Art, Go-go Dancing, Fetish Convention, Piercing, Massage, Interior Design, Video, Abstraction, Networking, Piano, Travel, Nightlife
Michael's body art includes: Tattoos, piercings, scarification, implants, surgical tongue split
Michael is owner of MPX Media, LLC.
Michael Phoenix: I hate showering because then I have to reapply my sins [May 30, 2015]
Random facts
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