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Phil Varone
Phil Varone
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• director
Date of birth:10-15-1967
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Phil Varone (born October 15, 1967) is an American drummer, music producer and songwriter. He is a founding member of the band Saigon Kick, which he is currently a member of.

While out of Saigon Kick for several years, some of which Saigon Kick wasn't active, he played for Prunella Scales, Skid Row, and Vince Neil.


In April 2013 Un-Philtered: Real Life On and Off the Rock'n'Roll Tour Bus, a tell-all memoir of his days on the road, was published by Riverdale Ave Books.
Random facts:
Varone was Playgirl magazine's cover and centerfold for December 2010, in which he appeared to promote the launch of the Sex Stand Up Rock And Roll Show tour in the United States. -
Varone has his own line of sex toys with California Exotic Novelties, including the first ever rockstar mold and pierced dildo. -
In July 2011 Vivid Entertainment released Phil Varone's Secret Sex Stash video as part of their celebrity sex tape series. -
Phil has produced and directed a series for Vivid Entertainment called 100% Real Swingers. -
Varone has a second series of reality porn videos called Groupies: The Music From Behind, a takeoff on VH1's Behind the Music series.
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