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Reese Rideout
AKA: Cletus-Van-Damm  Nicholas-Ryan      
Reese Rideout
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Occupation: • Actor
• Model

Date of birth:10-01-1982
Height:5' 8"
Weight:175 lbs
Dick:", cut
I'd describe myself as:
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Reese Rideout is one of those exceptional guys. From the first day he appeared on Randy Blue the fans went nuts for him. His adorable boyish face, that incredible chiseled body, and his charismatic charm emblazoned his sexual energy across the internet. This versatile performer has shown his talents from appearing in such movies as Alley Cats and That Dirty Secrets to his crazy antics in our live shows. And his videos with Chris Rockway in The Coach series is still one of the most popular on our site. But it's hot smokin' hot body and gorgeous cock that grabs everyone's attention. Wether he's sucking off Jarrett Rex, dominating Dallas Evans, or fucking Eric Pryor, Reese always brings his A game. And it doesn't matter if he's in a hot three way, getting nailed by another dude in a hardcore scene or just by his adorable self, Reese does it all with such an erotic heat that you can feel it radiating off of our monitor. If you have a chance to chat with Reese you can't help but be taken in by his charm and the fact that he'll do almost anything to make you happy. Reese Rideout (born as Nicholas Dent, October 1, 1982) is an American porn actor and model who does gay-for-pay pornos. He has appeared in magazines such as Men Magazine and Playgirl. His wife Becki Dent has publicly supported his gay porn career in a Marie Claire article and on an episode of VH1's "I Married A ..." which gave rise to public doubt and criticism of their marriage.
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