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Bareback Birthday Weekend
Bareback Birthday Weekend
Tools Of The Trade
Tools Of The Trade
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Kieron Knight
Kieron Knight
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Man of the Day
Occupation: • Actor
• Model

Location:London, England UK*
Date of birth:08-14-1988
Body:Slim / toned*
Height:5' 9"
Weight:10 st 8lbs* lbs
Hair:Dark blonde & cropped or mohawk (varies between the two)*
Dick:8.5-9", Uncut
Position:Versatile / Bottom*
Tattoos:Small "Leo" symbol on right arm & large quote on back*
Music:Varies dependant on my mood*
I'd describe myself as: Friendly, easy going, relaxed and open minded. Also I'm sometimes quite shy meeting new people.*
Bio +
Random facts:
I'm afraid of the dark*
I'm also petrified of clowns yet I studied circus at college*
When I was younger I was a trained gymnast*
I am into pup play and have a pup name (Scruff)*
I am actually colour blind*
Thank you all so much for supporting me over the past few years, I wouldn't be where I am and who I am without you all. Keeps watching this space and my twitter for more info about upcoming shooting and appearances. Thank you all again so much.*
Random facts
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