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Ricky Sinz
AKA: The-Hammer  Iceman  Killer  The-Faceless-One  
Ricky Sinz
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Occupation: • Actor
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Location:Chicago, IL
Date of birth:11-12-1980
Height:6' 0"
Weight:220 lbs
I'd describe myself as:
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Ricky "The Hammer" Sinz was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, which he still calls home. In his younger days, he collected debts in the west side of Chicago. His nicknames include "Iceman," "Killer," "The Faceless One," and "The Hammer". Ricky spent eight years in the US Army as a Special Forces Staff Sergeant, three of those years in Iraq where where an explosive device caused head trauma, damaged his hearing in his right ear, and broke his right wrist. In those eight years, Sinz was responsible for 28 confirmed kills. After his time with the armed forces, Ricky Sinz became a professional fighter who fought in tournaments from California to Thailand.

Currently signed as a Raging Stallion Exclusive, Ricky has won many awards from GAYVN, the Grabbys, and others. With the release of the smash hit cowboy fetish epic To the Last Man in 2008, Ricky's high profile got higher and he was named Raging Stallion's Man of the Year. That was also the year he began to branch out into mainstream roles, including a part in the controversial "Profane," a cutting edge film project directed by Usama Alshaibi that explores the sexual role of prostitutes in Islam. At the 2009 GayVN Awards, Ricky was reported to have taken home more personal awards in one year than any other performer in GayVN history.

Ricky has been married to a woman and identifies as bisexual. In addition to his gay porn roles, Ricky co-owns the straight film studio and porn site Hole and a Heartbeat with fellow male performer Gunner.
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