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Sean Storm
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Man of the Day
Occupation: • Actor
• Model
• Writer
• Producer
Location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida - USA
Date of birth:11-26-1974
Height:5' 4"
Weight:120 lbs
Eyes:Dark brown
Hair:Light brown
Dick:7", Cut
Orientation:All gay
Position:80% bottom
Music:Trance, dance, electronic, alternative, old school New Wave
I'd describe myself as: The Boy Next Door Whore with a kinky side
Bio +
Random facts:
I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a 4.00 GPA
I have written a novel in the thriller genre, seeking publishing.
I won Best Solo Performance at the 2002 GVN and 2002 Grabby Awards for Open Trench 2: Fuck Fantasies
I wrote the screenplays for several Centaur movies, including Tight Ends & Wide Receivers 1 and 2 and Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig
I'm an animal lover (that pertains to bears, cubs and otters on the human side as well as dogs, cats and other creatures in nature)
Since Day One in the adult film industry I have always appreciated and respected my fans, I've never taken anything for granted when it came to fan mail because I knew then as I know now that it's you guys that put me on the map and got me to where I am today. Anytime I can make a fan happy or excited or smile, I am stoked. Thank you for very much for the last 15 years, and let's keep going for 5 more (knock on wood, lol)
Random facts
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Questions & Answers with sean storm
With all the other performers out there, what separates you from the rest? ~ SMN : 2016-03-15 14:14:13
I don't know if I have anything special about me that would separate me from the rest of my peers in the industry. That's just me being humble, so maybe I just answered your question without realizing it.
What mainstream actor would you like to do a sex scene with? ~ SMN : 2016-03-15 14:13:31
I used to answer with Paul Walker, I always found him so sexy. I guess Matt Bomer still does it for me, and Ryan Kwanten from True Blood.
In your personal life, what kind of sex life do you have? ~ SMN : 2016-03-15 14:12:18
It's an active one, though I certainly am not having sex every day, or every weekend for that matter.
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