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Berlin Fuckers
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Icicles No. 62 - glass anal massager
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California Dreamin
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James Jamesson
AKA: Big-Dick-Firecrotch-Muscle-Stud        
James Jamesson
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Occupation: • Actor
• Model
• Escort

Date of birth:--
Height:5' 11"
Weight: lbs
Hair:Dark Red
Dick:8.5", Cut
I'd describe myself as:
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There was an ad posted on an escort service site next to James Jamesson's pic which reads as follows:

"THE REAL DEAL. Got to see in person. Don't let these clowns fool you with their dark fuzzy pics or the ones that are photoshopped to shit. I'm a qualified stud. Who really looks like his pics. Just named Top 10 Crush Objects of 2010 by The body of a god, the face of an angel, and the cock of a monster. Come see for yourself I am very friendly and a ton of fun to hang out with. I can do anything from vanilla to kink. New experiences are always fun. I can definitely keep a good conversation going. My stats: 5'10", hazel eyes, dark red hair, with a gymnast/bodybuilder body, killer sexy abs, thick muscular back, and a nice bubble butt, Big thick cock (8.5x7) and I'm sitting at about 5% body fat. What I'm looking for: If you seen my vids I'm an aggressive top, love to be sucked..."

If James really posted that then that's a pretty accurate description of him.
Random facts:
Random facts
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