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Inked Up
Inked Up
Rocco Siffredi Dildo
Rocco Siffredi Dildo
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Triple Play Beaded Glass Butt Plug
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Logan McCree
Logan McCree
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Occupation: • Actor
• Model
• Firefighter

Date of birth:12-31-----
Height:' "
Weight: lbs
I'd describe myself as:
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German import Logan McCree quickly became one of the most sought after performers in gay porn after making his debut in 2007's "Ink Storm" for Raging Stallion Studios. Right from the start, Logan was an RS exclusive and his unique look made waves in the industry; combined with his versatile performance, Logan became an instant sensation. Everyone wanted to know more about the tattooed Euro stud. Logan has admitted that his appearance has led many to believe he is a very extreme person when in reality he is the total opposite. He confesses to being a very quiet, normal guy who prefers sensual lovemaking to the kind of intense fucking he performs on screen. Currently Logan resides in Dresden, Germany and is involved in a committed relationship with fellow porn star Vinnie D'Angelo.

Logan is best known for a beautiful, rippling physique that is almost completely covered in tattoos, which are a representation of his Christian and Buddhist spiritual beliefs. As alternative DJ Krieger, Logan has spun sets in some of Germany's hottest clubs. Unfortunately for Logan this was not a high paying gig, which is why he decided to enter the world of adult entertainment luckily for the rest of us!
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