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The Best Of Ricky Sinz Vol. 1
The Best Of Ricky Sinz Vol. 1
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Kris Lord Supercock
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Colt Bob Hager Dildo
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20 Questions | Jason Stormme
20 Questions with Jason Stormme
2015-08-23 | IMAGE © Jason Stormme
What's one of the craziest things you've ever done while drunk? - by SMN
On my 20th birthday my friends were buying me shots and someone put tequila in my hand (although it was well known I didn't get along well with tequila)… They convinced me to down the shot… and then twenty seconds later I threw up all over the back of some guys jacket… just some other random guy who happened to be in the bar… There was stunned silence then everyone bundled me out the door before he realized what had happened!
Who would give you an instant hard-on if they were there right now? - by SMN
Wow the list could be endless… pretty much anyone with a 10" dick in a pair of leather chaps though, that always seems to do it for me…
What is one trend or fad you'd like to see disappear? - by SMN
Skinny-legged jeans. Don't get me wrong, I hate the trend of wearing jeans around your arse as well, but skinny-legged jeans on men just looks wrong… it gives them lady legs.
What is your passion in life and what steps are you taking towards achieving it? - by Ty Roderick
Being creative. I've always been a media-type, making little home movies when I was a kid etc. In the last ten years I've produced a successful dance podcast which ran for six years, made promo videos, made several mash-up mixes, appeared in porn, and now producing and directing porn as well.
What's one of your favorite childhood memories? - by SMN
I grew up on a farm and I used to love the end of summer when we'd make hay… all our friends and family would come and help throw hay bales up on to the back of the trailer and then unload them in to the barn, then my mum would cook a huge barbecue for everyone… The sun was always shining, I was always around people I loved… it was great.
Where's the craziest place you've had sex? - by SMN
Another endless list… probably a graveyard in the middle of the night though…
If you ran an all-male version of the Playboy Mansion, who would the three live-in playmates be? - by SMN
Hmm… Jessy Karson. Peto Coast. And Lito Cruz. I can see all three of them in bunny rabbit ears… :-)
What's one of your guilty pleasures? - by SMN
Star Trek. I joke that I'm totally out as gay but that I'm a closet Trekkie. People tease about that more than about anything else.
What type of people do you find yourself most attracted to? - by SMN
All the wrong ones!
What was the last random act of kindness you did for someone? - by SMN
I bought something for a friend of mine just because he mentioned he liked it whilst we were talking and I know he wouldn't buy it for himself.
If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be? - by SMN
An astronaut in the ISS. I'd love to spend a day orbiting the Earth staring out the window the whole time at our amazing planet.
Who was the greatest metal band of the ‘80s? - by SMN
No idea. In the 80's I was forced to listen to my mother's country and western tapes so I didn't get exposed to other genres until the 90's when I was old enough to argue back!
What is something you lost that you wish you could get back? - by Tommy Momenteller
My naive belief that the people I love won't hurt me
If you were at Taco Bell right now, what would you order? - by SMN
A taco. And maybe a Sprite. Actually, no, a Coke. No - a Sprite. Definitely. Do they do milkshakes?
What are your plans for next week? - by SMN
I'm working my regular job til Thursday. Then I need to finish editing a porn shoot scene to get it finished in time for the end of the month. Then hopefully some sex.
If you could go back in time, what's one thing you'd change in your life? - by SMN
Nothing. No matter what it's been - good or bad - I wouldn't be where I am now if I changed any of it, and I like where I am now.
If there was one thing you could change on your body, what would it be? - by SMN
I have a couple of small patches of vitiligo (absence of skin pigment) which I am always embarrassed about so I'd get rid of those.
Are you involved in any charities and, if so, which ones? - by SMN
I'm not - but I donate to DEC Appeals for crises like the Ebola outbreak, Earthquakes etc.
What city and state do you currently live in and what do you make of it? - by SMN
I live in London. I always think London is an amazing place but a lonely place too. You have to find the right frequency for London and tune to it, or you'll find you never fit in.
What color are your underwear right now? - by SMN
They're on the floor about three feet away. But they're black.
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