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20 Questions | Tommy Momenteller
20 Questions with Tommy Momenteller
2015-06-21 | IMAGE © Michael Phoenix
What was the last random act of kindness someone did for you? - by SMN
I was at the grocery, and I came up short on cash by nearly eight dollars. The lady in line behind me offered to make up the difference.
At what age did you discover masturbation? - by SMN
Ten. I think I just had this instinct to put my hand to my penis and see what happens. I knew when I was done. Didn't really climax until I was twelve. That freaked me out a bit, lol.
Do you have a new year resolution, and if so what is it? - by SMN
To resume my tai chi practice sometime in 2015.
What are your thoughts on tattoos and how many do you have, if any? - by SMN
I have seven and I feel like I need more. It's a terrible addiction. You do one and you get ideas for three more. Get those three, and you've got maybe nine more. It snowballs very fast!
If you could go back in time, what's one thing you'd change in your life? - by SMN
I would have come out sooner. I waited until the age of 29 to actually say the words, and ever since, my life's been a lot better. I have more confidence and I like myself. Before coming out, I never had that.
What is your your favorite TV show of all time? - by SMN
I liked the old "One Life to Live". I miss that show.
What's your least favorite food and why? - by SMN
Salisbury steak. I've just never enjoyed it, yet my mom kept trying to feed it to me as a child, and it was served so often in school lunches. That never made me like it.
Who in porn are you hoping to work with at some point and why? - by SMN
Logan McCree. He was among my first favourites in porn, and he's totally my type. But really, I'm happy for whomever I get to work with.
What is your passion in life and what steps are you taking towards achieving it? - by Ty Roderick
My passion is light opera - Gilbert and Sullivan, that sort of thing - and I've already achieved it. I've run my own light opera company since I was 18, and most of the work I've produced has been successful. I achieved many good things in my work.
If you were given $1000 to shop at any store which one would it be and what would you buy? - by SMN
Give me money for I'll empty my Wish List.
What's one of your greatest achievements of the past five years? - by SMN
Bringing my opera company back to its home after four years of exile to a neighbouring town.
Who's your favorite actor/actress of all-time? - by SMN
Guy Pearce.
If you were at Taco Bell right now, what would you order? - by SMN
Two tacos, and tostados, and a soda pop. #J-Lo
When it comes to clothing, how would you describe yourself? - by SMN
Not 'urban chic'. I have non-descript clothing that's meant to be clothing, nothing else. Clothes don't make the man.
How many items on your bucket list have you checked off? - by SMN
Believe it or not, I don't have a bucket list.
What's one thing your fans may be surprised to know about you? - by SMN
That I work for a Methodist church.
What was the last random act of kindness you did for someone? - by SMN
I helped an old lady get a shopping cart unstuck.
What is your favorite beer? - by SMN
Rolling Rock
If we looked in your wallet we'd see you're a card-carrying member of what? - by SMN
I don't keep much in my wallet
Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid? - by SMN
I can't remember much about celebrities when I was a kid. Sorry!
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