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Huge Dick Muscle Lads
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20 Questions | Adam Russo
20 Questions with Adam Russo
2014-02-16 | IMAGE © Suite 703
What's one of the worst jobs you've ever had and why? - by shaftmedia
It was a grave yard shift at a diner as a dishwasher. I was a teen and needless to say it just wasn't glamorous.
If you won the Powerball jackpot, what are some of the things you'd spend the money on? - by shaftmedia
I'd probably buy some property, then a trip around the world visiting the site that I always found interesting.
What kind of vehicle are you currently driving? - by shaftmedia
I'm driving a Kia Optima Hybrid which I absolutely love
How many social media sites are you a member of and, if any, which ones? - by shaftmedia
Too many. lol -- scruff, adam4adam, dudesnude, recon, planetromeo, facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in, modelmayhem. I might have missed something... So a total of 10
If your home was on fire, what are the first three things you'd save? - by shaftmedia
Me. Besides that, my laptop and phone. And possible my Jamie Vasta (a piece of art from an artist in San Francisco).
What is one trend or fad you'd like to see disappear? - by shaftmedia
Boys wearing their pants below their asses. It's just not practical to have to hold your pants up while you walk and it looks ridiculous.
If you were reincarnated what would you come back as? - by shaftmedia
An eagle or owl. I just think being able to fly would be fantastic.
What is your passion in life and what steps are you taking towards achieving it? - by Ty Roderick
My passion is art in all its capacities. Adam Russo is my greatest performance piece to date.
If you were cast on reality TV, would you fit better on Dancing With The Stars or American Idol? - by shaftmedia
Yikes! Neither... but if I had to choose... the dancing
Age what age did you discover masturbation? - by shaftmedia
6 years old, rubbing myself against my mattress while in bed
In general, do you like to keep things natural or manscaped? - by shaftmedia
Natural. But on occasion things need to be tidied up.
What was your experience like the first day on your first video shoot? - by shaftmedia
That was for Titan. I was fairly comfortable. I had to keep telling myself 'I can do this', which I did. They paired me with a beautiful black boy. When it was time to cum he sat on my ass and I shot loads of cum.
What are your plans for next week? - by shaftmedia
To catch up with my friend in LA. I've been doing nothing but traveling since the new year.
The older you get what do you find yourself more passionate about? - by shaftmedia
Enjoying my time with my BF and my boys. Really enjoying the connectivity.
What are some characteristics in people that turn you on? - by shaftmedia
Confidence, but not to the point of arrogance. Trustworthiness, friendly and out going.
What's one song you have a hard time getting out of your head once you hear it? - by shaftmedia
'The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow' - I can't stand that song! And guess what, it's now stuck in my head... lol
Do you own any pets and what kind? - by shaftmedia
I had a pug which my x now has, but she still comes to visit once in awhile
What is your favorite season of the year and why? - by shaftmedia
LA doesn't really have seasons, but when I lived on the east coast it was spring with fall being a close second. After the winter you can't wait for the warmer weather and everything just begins to bloom. Fall because of the new clothes... the crispness in the air and again the beautiful colors
Who would give you an instant hard-on if they were there right now? - by shaftmedia
Besides my boyfriend CutlerX, Daniel Craig
Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid? - by shaftmedia
Davey from the monkeys
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