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20 Questions | Keaton Keller
20 Questions with Keaton Keller
2015-12-16 | IMAGE © Keaton Keller
What's one of your favorite childhood memories? - by SMN
When my older brother and I were poking holes in the Christmas present while waiting for our mom to pick us up to go to the airport. We were flying from San Antonio to Fayetteville to spend Christmas with our dad. The weather was bad hailing and tornado watches. As our mom pulled into the driveway we got scared we were going to get caught so we knocked the 9ft tree into the bay window. She was honking the horn for us to come out. We got in and saw the tree sticking through the blinds. Seeing the weather was bad she was in a hurry so she didn't notice. We laugh about still today.
What is your passion in life and what steps are you taking towards achieving it? - by Ty Roderick
My passion in life is my family. My ex wife and I have set a goal to raise our children to be accepting of people from all walks of life. Change is still needed and the younger generation is the future of our planet.
Have you ever been to a nude beach, and if so, how was that experience? - by SMN
No I was afraid to go because they had a shark sighting in the water there so I decided nope.
What was the last contest you won and what was the prize? - by SMN
The fame game through naked swords. It was porn, lube, and a few tank tops.
When was the last time you went to a doctor and what was it for? - by SMN
12/10/15, annual physical and to start prep.
How many social media sites are you a member of and, if any, which ones? - by SMN
Twitter KeatonKellerxxx, Snapchat Jorey25, Facebook Keaton Keller, instagram Keaton29, tumblr Keaton25, askfm is Keaton Keller.
Are you involved in any charities and, if so, which ones? - by SMN
Not yet but I have every ambition on starting my own.
What is the last movie you saw and what did you make of it? - by SMN
Train wreck. I loved it. Best thing I have watched all year.
Your friends would say you have a bad habit of what? - by SMN
How was your high school experience and how were your grades? - by SMN
I had a blast in high school. I didn't conform to one group and had many friends. My mom couldn't keep up with everyone because she was like you are always bring someone new home. My grades were not the best because I was extremely bored and lost interest but undergrad in college I actually had a 3.182 at graduation.
What's one habit of yours that tends to drive people nuts? - by SMN
I move a lot. Body is in motion even when I am sitting down.
When did you enter the adult industry and what was most alluring about it? - by SMN
This year. I always wanted to do it but past relationships got in the way. Now I am attempting a dream I have wanted to do forever.
What was your experience like the first day on your first video shoot? - by SMN
It was amazing. My scene partner Alessio Romero was extremely nice and made me feel completely comfortable along with the director and his production assistant. It was one of the best experiences I have had at work.
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