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A Monster Inside Me #3
A Monster Inside Me #3
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20 Questions | Jarvis Chandler
20 Questions with Jarvis Chandler
2015-11-12 | IMAGE ©
When did you enter the adult industry and what was most alluring about it? - by SMN
I don't exactly recall; several years ago. What turned me on about it was the idea that men watching might get turned on and get off to watching me.
Who are some of your favorite comedians? - by SMN
Does Lucy count? From "I Love Lucy"
What's one of your favorite childhood memories? - by SMN
Camping with my folks. Actually, we were homeless for awhile, but my folks called it camping and made it seem fun to me as a kid.
Who's your favorite recording artist of all-time? - by SMN
The Notting Hillbillies
Who would give you an instant hard-on if they were there right now? - by SMN
Alex Minsky
How would you feel if you were suddenly the world's #1 pornstar and known by absolutely everyone? - by Jason Stormme
I don't think I'd like it. Although I can strip naked easy, I'm shy and introverted socially. I value my privacy, alone time, and anonymity. I've never been recognized on the street anywhere, and I like just blending in, not standing out.
Do you play a musical instrument and, if so, what? - by SMN
Just the organ. Lol. Jk.
How many items on your bucket list have you checked off? - by SMN
None. I need to get busy.
What is your favorite beer? - by SMN
I stay away from beer and alcohol. It has done me wrong.
Do you have a new year resolution, and if so what is it? - by SMN
Every year my new year's resolution is to not make a new year's resolution.
If you could look like anyone on the planet who would it be? - by SMN
Oscar Wilde once famously said, "Just be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
What was the last movie that made you think? - by Tommy Momenteller
The Company of Wolves
Do you have any kids and, if so, how many? - by SMN
No kids.
Have you ever been to a nude beach, and if not would you go? - by SMN
I got nekkid at the nude beach in Miami.
What is one trend or fad you'd like to see disappear? - by SMN
I don't know. I'm not one who stays abreast of trends/fads.
What city and state do you currently live in and what do you make of it? - by SMN
I don't really think I form a bond with a city or state. I think I form a special bond with a person, and then I would go with that person anywhere, because it's the person who is my home, not the place.
When was the last time you flew on a plane and where do you go? - by SMN
A few years ago to San Francisco. Always reminds me of the old, silly rhyme: "San Francisco, my kind of city; where the women are strong, and the men are pretty."
What's the greatest porn flick of all-time? - by SMN
I've always enjoyed a particular actor or his performance, rather than a video overall.
What's one of your greatest achievements of the past five years? - by SMN
Being loved, somehow, by someone I don't deserve.
Your friends would say you have a bad habit of what? - by SMN
I'm hard to sleep with, jerking, kicking, all night.
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