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20 Questions | Jessy Karson
20 Questions with Jessy Karson
2015-10-06 | IMAGE © Jessy Karson
What's one of the best books you've ever read? - by SMN
You Can't Lie to Me by Janine Driver and Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho
What's one thing you wanted to do last summer that never happened? - by SMN
I wanted to get my Prince Albert but haven't yet
Describe an average day for you. - by SMN
I usually start with a huge class of orange juice with a big fat joint, watch the news, get to work usually at home, head for a class, then prepare dinner, smoke another joint, eat, jerk off and sleep
What was the last movie that made you think? - by Tommy Momenteller
My brain always thinks, movie or not - I wish it was taking a break from thinking, but I would say Lucy.
If you were cast on reality TV, would you fit better on Duck Dynasty or The Osbournes? - by SMN
I don't know any of them, but I'll say that a reality TV show would be wild and 18 +
When was your last visit to a porn shop and what did you buy? - by SMN
Last time was in London when I shot my latest scene for Raw and Rough, I think I got a choker and a butt plug
What are some of your favorite outdoor activities? - by SMN
I love camping, waterslides, snowboards, BBQ with friends, Rollerblading, etc
What is your favorite beer? - by SMN
I hate the taste of beers. I'm much more of a red wine type of guy
What is your passion in life and what steps are you taking towards achieving it? - by Ty Roderick
I'm an artist, I paint, I sing, I write, I dance, I make porn, I did theater, etc. Outside of this, I have a passion for social behaviour, psychology, etc. So my life has always been about achieving myself as an artist
Your friends would say you have a bad habit of what? - by SMN
Smoking too much
If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would it be? - by Tommy Momenteller
I'd like to be more massive and tall, around 6 feet
Who are some of your favorite performers in the business and why? - by SMN
Erik Grant for his look and attitude, Jason Stormme and Ruben Litzky, Jake Ascott are three performers I like as friends as much as on work level, among so many others.
What - if anything - have you ever been addicted to? - by SMN
Sex, cigarettes, weed, cocaine, creme bruler and orange juice lol
Who was the greatest metal band of the '80s? - by SMN
Dude, I couldn't say, I was too young at that point
What's the best advice your father ever gave you? - by SMN
"Find your balls, son, and do this", but I took it literally. In fact, my father has never been there too much so, hard to say... outside of that one...
What are some of your favorite sports/teams? - by SMN
Habs Canadien de Montreal
What's the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you? - by Jason Stormme
Some people told me they were loving me as a pornstar but not for my performance or body but for the personality I show thru my porn, which makes me even more glad to be loved for.
Who's your favorite actor/actress of all-time? - by SMN
Hollywood actor/actress? Elizabeth Banks, Bruce Willis, Scarlett Johansson, Liam Neeson, Jason Statham and Kellan Lutz
How would you feel if you were suddenly the world's #1 pornstar and known by absolutely everyone? - by Jason Stormme
I'd be glad. We all wanna reach this goal, but we are not all porn actors, a long lasting story... In fact, I kinda secretly desire to make "Jessy Karson" more than a porn star -- TV maybe. We are so many porn stars in a so short-lasting fame time, so I wanna be remembered I think like each of us. That would be lovely being able to make "Jessy Karson" more than just a porn star.
At what age did you discover masturbation? - by SMN
7 years old
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