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20 Questions | Charlie Harding
20 Questions with Charlie Harding
2014-01-09 | IMAGE © Raging Stallion
How many items on your bucket list have you checked off? - by shaftmedia
don't have a bucket list. I do what I'm interested in at the moment.
Which three Hollywood celebs would you like to take a shower with? - by shaftmedia
angelina jolie, jason statham, dwayne johnson
If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be? - by shaftmedia
When it comes to clothing, how would you describe yourself style-wise? - by shaftmedia
comfortable and minimal
Have you ever shoplifted and what did you get? - by shaftmedia
not intentionally, but I have forgotten the toilet paper on the bottom of the grocery cart.
On a typical morning, what's usually the first thing that comes to mind? - by shaftmedia
taking a piss.
What's the strangest thing you have used to pleasure yourself? - by shaftmedia
I'm pretty much a basic hand guy.
Do you have any hobbies and what are they? - by shaftmedia
reading, gym workouts, travelling, writing, counselling folks that need advice
What's the greatest sit-com of all-time? - by shaftmedia
What's one of your greatest achievements of the past five years? - by shaftmedia
getting engaged to scotty rage
Have you ever been to a nude beach, and if not would you go? - by shaftmedia
love them and all the time.
What one place you wish to never return to? - by shaftmedia
the nasty hotel i stayed in when I visited Milan Italy.
Have you ever been to a nude beach, and if so, how was that experience? - by shaftmedia
i go to them all the time.
What is your favorite season of the year and why? - by shaftmedia
summer. fewer clothes.
If you were at Taco Bell right now, what would you order? - by shaftmedia
cheesy fiesta potatoes
What are some characteristics in people that turn you on? - by shaftmedia
masculinity, aggression, confidence
Who are some of your favorite performers in the business and why? - by shaftmedia
colby jensen, draven torres because they are honest, real and genuinly nice guys.
If there was one thing you could change on your body, what would it be? - by shaftmedia
better abs and bigger all over.
Do you prefer cut or uncut dick? - by shaftmedia
i like both.
Do you play a musical instrument and, if so, what? - by shaftmedia
i sing, used to play piano, drums and violin
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